Doing the work of 3 regular water treatment systems, the Crusader Enhanced Series combines all of the benefits of a Water Softener, Water Conditioner, and Water Filtration system, giving you the very best water for your entire family at an extremely affordable price.
If you want Clean, Softened, Filtered and Conditioned water for your whole home we are proud to offer the Crusader Enhanced Water System.
A full-color touchscreen control is included standard on this system, making it “future-proof” and able to be expanded and upgraded as new technologies and hardware enhancements are released.

The Enhanced 7 Stage Combo Softener System adds the ultimate protection to your home against limescale and soap scum while enhancing your home’s plumbing, water appliances and water heater efficiency and useful life.
This system is extremely easy to use, allowing your system to be fine-tuned specifically to your water treatment needs and provide your family with the latest in Whole Home Water Softening, Conditioning, and Filtration technology.
These systems are designed to Commercial standards, so they are able to easily address the extremely hard water levels in Utah while backed up by the Manufacturer and our own iron-clad warranty.
The Enhanced System is built upon the latest in water filtration and softening technology to guard against undesirable contaminants that may be found in Utah’s safe city water.