Your water heater is one of the the hardest working appliances in your home, working 24/7 to provide you and your family with a safe, comfortable, and reliable supply of hot water.

What’s included with the Water Heater Maintenance Service?

  • Water quality test with recommendations
  • Inspection of pipes, valves and aquastat
  • Inspection of anode rod 
  • Flush water heater to remove sediment
  • Adjusting temperature (as needed)
  • Checking insulation of pipes and heater
  • Replacement parts or installation not included in estimate


Why should I hire you to maintain and service my water heater?

An inefficient or broken water heater can bump up your energy costs or lead to water leaks. Our annual water heater inpection and tune-up service can keep your bills lower and your home safer.

How often should I tune up my water heater?

Most manufacturers recommend maintenance at least once a year to avoid damage, loss of efficiency and potential safety problems.