Utah home owners can finally enjoy a virtually endless supply of hot water while being more efficient and having the benefits of a professionally installed Navien tankless Water Heater to really enjoy those long hot showers and baths.

Ultra Condensing EfficiencyNavien Tankless technology

• Navien’s Condensing Technology offers some of the highest efficiency levels in its class.
• Money and energy savings over tank type water heaters and many other brands of tankless water heaters.

Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger

• Longer life expectancy and greater resistance to corrosion than copper heat exchangers.

Low NOx Emissions (≤ 20ppm)

• Metal fiber burner is designed to deliver a consistent air/gas mixture, providing improved combustion efficiency.
• Full compliance with SCAQMD 1146.2 emissions standard.

Less Water Pressure Drop

•Unrestricted flow path minimizes water pressure drop.

Intelligent Preheating Technology

•Recognizes hot water usage patterns and learns your lifestyle to intelligently provide hot water when you actually need it.


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